Helping To Transform The Southern Waterfront: Avenue South Residence

Transforming a place or a person can be a drastic job. It needs a lot of calibrations and sacrifice to succeed. Look at how the Filipinos are working to transform the Manila Bay. The Manila Bay is known for its beauty. The lustful effect of its view to the eyes of people then prompted the leaders and ordinary people to contribute to cleaning it. It is a one of a king act they did for the longest time the Manila Bay was polluted. It is the first in recent history that a group of people volunteered to transform the place into what it was before. The Filipinos succeeded in the effort to clean Boracay. And now that this plan created a great impact on local society, they want to do it as well in Manila Bay.

Transformation could mean a lot from all people. And transforming the Avenue South Residence can mean a lot too. It may not the same as the Manila Bay but to speak of transformation has to create a positive impact.

Transforming a place to better means your action counts. It is not important how huge or small your action is, what matters is that it can help lessen the load of others. If you will take part in such transformation, take a step and act upon it. Transforming one place is the responsibility of every person involved. The fact that you want to help transform a place means you have it in your heart. That means no matter what the work needs, you follow. And the process of transforming one place does not just mean you have to reconstruct the place. The person who lives in such a place can make it an attractive place by showing a good heart with heartfelt deeds.

It is you who matters. The transformation has to come from the person first. And once it is achieved, the transformation of the place follows.