A Norwegian Tradition: Jøtul Fireplaces

Living Legend In the Business World: Still Kicking at 160 years and Counting 

When we are talking about running a business with true quality, Jøtul will be and must be on the line. As they are running for almost 160 years, giving all of their customers the best service they can ever have, Jøtul is the longest running producer of wood stoves and fireplaces in the whole world. This company is one of the largest wood stove companies in Norway that developed the use of cast iron since they started in 1853. Their business is still kicking and not losing their track being on the trend as always. 

Jøtul fireplaces is not exactly different from other companies. They also face challenges to the point that they also got into bankruptcy. During the 1920s, Jøtul got into a serious problem because of the serious decline in the International economy. Fortunately, they survived it through the others’ help and set a new era of growth for Jøtul company. Problems are still kicking to test the company but through those 160 years, Jøtul already grew their company setting wide international networks so that they can reach more other countries all over the world. They are now a global brand that produces and distributes high quality fireplaces and wood stoves in all homes in the entire world.

Through highs and downs, Jøtul kept their feet on the ground and maybe that is the key to their success. Dedicating themselves to all of their customers, old and new customers, the service and their products is still the same. The same in terms that they will satisfy the needs and demands of their consumer but through the years they are improving and still developing their products to offer a high end and modern touch of this generation. They have different options for you. In those 160 years they already established high quality products that will suit the different preferences of most people.